• Preview

Goth Babe Stopping at MegaCorp Pavilion

Goth Babe is a one-stop-shop for feel-good vibes, indie-pop music, and an immersive show experience. Chock full of upbeat and positive energy, his show is wholesome, grounded, and a lot of fun. The inimitable act has reached insane heights with just a grassroots and word of mouth approach.

 Goth Babe is stopping at MegaCorp Pavilion on Tuesday, May 9th!

A fun fact about Goth Babe is that he actually lives off the grid on his sailboat with his dog Sadie, and a good portion of the money he makes from touring goes towards environmental nonprofits. When he's not on his boat, he still remains relatively off the grid, residing in his RV where he creates music in his home studios built into both!