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Royal Holland Releases New Single "The Sky Kingdom Descending" from Forthcoming Double LP

Royal Holland, the critically acclaimed singer-songwriter, has released a new single titled "The Sky Kingdom Descending," from his upcoming double LP Royal & Vär vs. the Sky Kingdom, which is set to release later this year digitally, and on vinyl in 2024. The new single showcases Holland's signature sound, blending indie-folk with rock influences to create a dynamic and emotionally resonant musical experience.

"The Sky Kingdom Descending" is a captivating track that features Holland's unique vocal delivery and introspective lyrics, which have garnered him a loyal fan base across the globe. L

In discussing the inspiration behind the new single, Holland says, "For me, this song means many things and is part of the patchwork that really builds the story I'm trying to tell on the double LP, but I hope that listeners can find inspiration in what the song says to them and connect with its melody and chill vibe."

Music critics have praised Royal Holland, with various media outlets such as Brazil's TECO APPLE, Tiny Mix Tapes, and Slovakian artist 'and Tilly' hailing him as "extremely captivating" "a gifted songwriter" and "genre bending, intriguing and packed with energy."

"The Sky Kingdom Descending" is a testament to Royal Holland's musical growth and his commitment to creating innovative and emotionally resonant music. This new single will leave listeners eagerly anticipating the release of his double LP.

 "...sounds like, Petty, Dylan and Modest Mouse, with a great deal of Royal Holland in there as well..." - CincyMusic