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Artsy Post-Punk Band Ovef Ow Plays The Comet

Photo Cred: Pamela Maurer

Ovef Ow (rhymes with "Whoa Jeff, Wow") formed in Chicago in 2015 and the quartet has built a following in the Chicago indie scene since then through their artsy post-punk sound. The band began when bassist and singer Marites Velasquez, drummer-vocalist Sarah Braunstein, and keyboardist Kyla Denham took an angular logo designed for their old band, Me Jane, and turned it upside down.

 Ovef Ow will be playing at The Comet with Slow Glows and Ann Driscoll on Friday, April 7th!

They've drawn influences from the surf-pop of the B-52s, the driving intensity of Sleater-Kinney and Sonic Youth, and the unconventional art rock from bands like Talking Heads and Electrelane. Their sound's wide appeal has led them to share bills with bands from Big Thief to Meat Wave. The lineup features Marites Velasquez (bass/vocals), Sarah Braunstein (drums/vocals), Kyla Denham (synth), and Nick Barnett (guitar), and their debut album Vs. The Worm will be released on August 25 with help from What's For Breakfast? Records and the band's own Oort Cloud Records.