• Preview

Adam Weiner (of Low Cut Connie) Stopping at The Southgate House Revival

Photo Cred: Cait Brady

As the piano-pounding frontman and songwriter of Low Cut Connie, Adam Weiner is known for delivering high energy, raucous performances and leaving audiences enthralled. But in recent years, he has proved his abilities as a standalone performer through the creation of his pandemic-hit show “Tough Cookies” and a slew of solo shows, where Weiner demonstrates his dynamic ability to captivate in a more intimate setting.

 Adam Weiner is stopping at The Southgate House Revival on Tuesday, March 21st!

 “I’m always trying to get closer to the crowd. I really wanna get eyeball-to-eyeball with everyone and make something very real happen. I want people to reach out and touch the piano," says Weiner.

 Weiner's songs have been praised by many media outlets, including Rolling Stone and NPR, as well as Sir Elton John who declared his love for Low Cut Connie on stage in 2018 at a sold out show in Philadelphia.