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Rockstead to Drop New Album - Fall Down. Get Up. Repeat.

Rockstead are dropping a brand-new album, Fall Down. Get Up. Repeat. on Friday, February 10th with the release party to follow on Saturday, February 11th at Madison Live!
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We were excited to catch up with the uber positive and hardworking Jake Burns of Rockstead prior to the album drop and release party!

Tell us about the recording process for Fall Down. Get Up. Repeat…
Jake Burns: The very beginning started in a cabin in the middle of the mountains of North Carolina early 2021. We rented an AirBnb for a long weekend and set up shop in the basement. We stayed up until about 4am for three nights sharing songs and writing parts for everyone. There were some magical moments that happened in that basement.

Then over the next year we slowly chipped away at studio time. We were really tight on cash so the usual scenario would be to go out and play shows, make money, immediately go to the studio and knock out as much as we could with the cash we had and then go do it again. It was pretty wild actually. I remember we would go straight to the studio after a week's worth of shows, playing late night festival sets then be recording music at 10am the next day. This was all done at Black Moon Recordings in Pataskala, OH. I gained a lot of respect for the guys and myself for being able to knock it out like that. We put in some WORK.

Then we were very pleased to work with Chris DiCola over at Signal Flow Studios up in Cleveland, OH who did all our mixing. We stopped in a few times with him and had some cool sessions where everyone threw ideas around. That was when everything really started coming to life.

Everything was pretty much wrapped up by early 2022. We started releasing singles by the summer and now here we are waiting for the full album to drop. It's been a journey to say the least.

What can fans expect at the release show at Madison Live?
Jake Burns: First and foremost we will be playing ALL the new songs from the album. We've been sharing a few here and there throughout the last year but the set is mostly all the new material. We're going to have a big 'ol band up there with keys and a full horn section. We've got a few fun surprises up our sleeve as well.

We've also got some awesome support lined up. Mind At Large is a local Cincy act who have been making waves lately. I've known some of those guys since the early days of Rockstead so it's cool to be playing a show with them. We've also got Zoo Trippin' who is a killer rock group from Columbus. They're insane to say the least. Lastly we have Jon Wayne and the Pain. These guys have toured all over and played some big festivals around the country. Their message and vibes are a perfect fit for the night. It's going to be one to remember. 

What is next for Rockstead?
Jake Burns: Shows. Shows. Shows. The first couple months following the release we are playing a ton to promote the album. We have gigs lined up all over Ohio & Indiana through February. We've got a solid run across the state of North Carolina which has become a second home for us and we've got a big two week stint we're doing down in Florida come March.

After that we've got some pretty cool festivals lined up for May and beyond one of which is Sunny Days Music Fest up at Nelson Ledges near Cleveland. That will be a big one with bands like Tropidelic, The Movement, Andy Frasco & The U.N. and some other awesome acts.

After that, we're already talking about getting into the studio again in late summer. I have a ton of songs that are already written sitting on the back burner ready for us to rip into them. 2023 is going to be a big year for us.