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Get to Know: Rob Rundle

Rob Rundle is no stranger to making music, he has always created music. But he never put himself out there until back in August of 2022, when he shared the engagement song that he did for his fiancé. While "Strawberry Girl" is a R&B song, he also dabbles in other genres too such as Pop, Country, and Funk.

 We jumped at the chance to get to know this new artist, Rob Rundle!

Give us some background on your beginning in music…
 I started making music when I was a Sophomore in high school back in 2011-2012. My favorite artist at the time, and still is one of my favorite artists today, is Mac Miller. When I first started making music, it was rap to a similar style as Mac Miller. I continued to make music throughout college, but kept it under wraps and only shared it with my close friends. In 2018, my mother passed away tragically, and the only escape I had at the time was songwriting, to write about the emotions I felt. I started to record in GarageBand and still kept it under wraps, but it was like a personal journey for me. In 2020, during the trivial times and initial stages of COVID-19, I met my fiancé. We started dating in the Fall of 2020 and fell in love quickly; she has always been my biggest supporter and I am forever grateful for her. During a random work day on my lunch break in the Spring of 2022, I started to listen to country beats on YouTube, and found one that I could not resist. I wrote my first song that is on Spotify, Your Heart, literally in 10 minutes. I knew that I wanted to incorporate this love song into my proposal to my fiancé, and that she would absolutely love it! I was able to purchase the beat and set up a studio session with Blacklite Productions in June of 2022; Tony and Samantha own Blacklite Productions, and are the kindest people ever. I was so anxious and nervous to record in a studio for the first time, but Tony made me feel like I was home. We quickly vibed and knocked Your Heart out of the park. I was so excited and wanted it to be August already so I could propose! Thankfully, August came quickly and the proposal was a success. It made my heart happy when my fiancé would play the song at max volume and sing-along.

Tell us about the recording process for "Strawberry Girl"
 Afterwards, I started to think "well shoot, I kind of want to record more songs." My friends definitely supported me and encouraged me to do so, therefore, I started writing more music. I am currently working on a project titled "Love & Anxiety," which will have half of the tracks being love songs, and the other half talking about anxiety and overcoming the feats of depression. I wrote Strawberry Girl as a general steamy song, with no one targeted directly because I feel that would be inappropriate. I found the beat on YouTube once again, leased the beat, and set up another recording session with Blacklite Productions. This time, however, I brought two of my best friends that way we could all vibe and have a great time! They really encouraged me to start posting more on Instagram and TikTok, and I think it's amazing how kind people are when hearing my music and dealing with my silliness. When I finished "Strawberry Girl" I sent out the file to my friends because I am impatient and want to share how much fun it was to make the song. I started to promote the song on Instagram and TikTok, and people have started to listen to the track which means the world to me, because no one is forced to interact or listen to my songs.

What is next? Can we expect to see you play out soon or another release?
 Currently, I am in the process of recording my next song, "Can't Get Enough," which is a pop-funk type of vibe. I do not like to hold myself to one genre. Making music and using my creative ability to find melodies in different types of instrumentals is what makes it fun. I am also working on a song called Pikeville, which talks about the city where I went to college because that is my second home.