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Nektar to Play The Ludlow Garage

For more than 50 years, Nektar has taken legions of fans on audio-visual journeys to far reaches of the universe and the depths of the ocean with their immersive blend of sight and sound. In 2023, the band celebrates the 50th anniversary of the release of Remember the Future, performing the iconic album in its entirety at each show.

It’s wonderful to be out on the road playing for our old and new fans,” says founding member Derek ‘Mo’ Moore, “sharing classic material from ‘Remember the Future’ and other early recordings, and introducing them to the sounds of our most recent album ‘The Other Side.’”

Nektar has captured the imagination and admiration of listeners the world over with their multi-media concerts, melding a jam-band vibe with superb musicality and a visual cornucopia that perfectly complements each performance.

Formed in Germany in 1969 by British expats, Nektar soaked up the musical freedom they found in their new home, favoring extended compositions and concept albums over the constraints of pop. They were among the progenitors of the progressive rock movement of the 1970s as well as the jam-band scene that arose in the late 1990s. Their sound traveled well to the States, where they enjoyed Top 40 success with “A Tab in the Ocean” (1972) and “Remember the Future” (1973).

Nearly 20 albums and a half-century later, the band’s artistic and personal charisma has earned them thousands of devoted fans, who have flocked to festivals such as ProgDay, NearFest and ProgStock, and venues like the Wildey Theatre, to indulge their passion for the Nektar experience. In 2022 they were featured on the Cruise to the Edge, and are on the list for CTTE’s 2024 cruise, as well.

Currently, Nektar features three of the original members – Derek ‘Mo’ Moore (bass guitar, vocals), Ron Howden (drums, percussion, vocals) and Mick Brockett (visual environment). Ryche Chlanda (guitar, vocals) and Randy Dembo (bass guitar, bass pedals, 12-string guitar, vocals) are alums of previous Nektar incarnations. World-class multi-instrumentalist Kendall Scott completes the lineup on keyboards; his performance credits include Project/Object and Ryche Chlanda’s Flying Dreams. Background vocalist Maryann Castello adds her lovely voice to the mix.

We have a tight-knit band, with me and Ron driving the rhythm and adding Ryche Chlanda, who played with us and wrote music with us in 1978, Randy Dembo who joined Nektar in 2005, when I left, and Kendall was a great find,” says Mo. “I thought we would do a new album and then I would leave the road work to the rest of the band. However, I enjoyed the new music so much I went on the road to deliver it. It’s great playing with two bass players, great bottom end.