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Elise Trouw to Stop at Madison Live

Acclaimed singer, songwriter and multi-instrument musician Elise Trouw’s recently released a new EP, Losing Sleep!

Catch Elise Trouw on Sunday, April 2nd at Madison Live with Kaitlyn Peace!

Produced by KOIL (Demi Lovato, Timbaland, Diddy, Sean Paul), Losing Sleep ushers in a new era for Trouw who continues to write with her signature instrument and voicing sensibilities but with an elevated pop-rock edge. With these five new songs, Trouw shares the numerous influences of many of her idols who have also become fans and supporters of Trouw including Brian May, Andy Summers, and Seal. The album also features Jacob Luttrel on one track.

Trouw says “Musically, this EP represents the kind of genre blending that I am drawn to in the music of the artists I love. Collaborating with KOIL brought a new life to these songs I’ve worked on over the last couple years, as some kind of self therapy- they reflect on the lessons and growth experienced from relationships in my young adulthood.”