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Siri Imani Releases Big Fish

Siri Imani, one of Cincinnati's most prolific arts curators and hip hop artist known for creating spaces and setting the stage for upcoming talent takes center stage with the release of Big Fish, her sophomore project.

Still reeling from the loss of bandmates, the death of her grandmother and her mother's ongoing lung transplant journey, Big Fish is where introspection, healing and art meet. "I felt like I was drowning under the weight of it all, floundering in a sink or swim situation," said Imani. "So Big Fish is a reflection of everything that got me here and then ends with an understanding of why things had to happen as they did," said Imani.

Imani has a reputation for keeping her fans on their toes. Known for her genre bending artful mash-ups ranging from the who's who of Cincinnati's hip-hop underground to melodic crooners Jess Lamb and the Factory this album is a mashup of poetry, hip hop and R&B. The one thing you can count on is for Imani to spazz on a track! She continues to drop tongue twisting jewels that evoke thought and emotion.

  "I would describe the sounds as sporadic but harmonious," Imani said. "Everything sounds different but makes sense together. It is a journey it goes from pain, anger, sadness, hopelessness to what I wish for myself. Things I wish did happen, things I wish will happen, and then to me making them happen.

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