• Preview

Lift the Medium Return to the Stage

Lift the Medium return to the stage for the first time since March of 2020! And for good reason, opening for The Struts at Bogart's on Thursday, December 8th!

Lift the Medium is a pure rock band from Cincinnati, Ohio that formed in June 2013. The group set a goal to create timeless, uplifting music that strikes a positive chord in the minds and spirits of the audience. The band is noted for its high energy shows and dedicated fans. Winding riffs and driving rhythms are staples of their music. Every movement is in service to the song, resulting in a more passionate and pointed melodic impact.

 In this new chapter for Lift the Medium, they will be returning to a 4-piece act with a tighter rhythm section with new bassist Tim Felton. Tim is classically trained and was a big fan before joining the band.

 This Thursday, fans can expect as always a powerful, high-energy melodic rock performance featuring some fan favorites, new songs and possibly a Chris Cornell song, which lead singer Joey Vasselet covers so well!

Fretboard Brewing Company created a special German style easy-drinking light lager to celebrate their return called 'Lift the Lager' and it will be available on draft at Bogart’s for this show!