• Preview

Benefit for Greater Cincinnati Homeless Coalition at The Comet

With winter and the holidays coming up, the stark lines between the haves and have nots in Cincinnati become all too clear. Each winter, hundreds in our community risk serious injury and illness, even death, due to homelessness. It is with that in mind that many local artists are coming together to raise money for the Greater Cincinnati Homeless Coalition.

The Comet in Northside will host a Benefit for Greater Cincinnati Homeless Coalition on December 2nd and 3rd. It will feature a showcase of fantastic Cincinnati talent for the cause including Quotah, New Moons, Toon Town, The Bellowing Pines, National Barks, The Harlequins, Heist, The Tangees, The You Suck Flying Circus, and more!

Greater Cincinnati Homeless Coalition has been around for nearly 40 years. They offer a comprehensive approach to fighting homelessness including direct support, tenant organizing, education, and organizing for better legislation for the benefit of Cincinnati's homeless population.

Entrance to the event is entirely donations based, they ask that folks give what they can to the cause but no one will be denied entry due to lack of funds.