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Life on the Edge - 25 Years That ROCKED Cincinnati

Life on the Edge - 25 Years That ROCKED Cincinnati is hitting Ludlow Garage on Sunday, October 30th! This Event is a celebration of the eccentric and electrifying 25 years that changed everything: 1960 – 1985!

 We chatted with Jerry Burck (UMM Presents), the mastermind behind the event (and all around great guy) about the planning of such a historic event, "It all started percolating during the early days of the pandemic. I noticed that most of my, and that of so many others, joy was coming from memories - this was because we were unsure of the present, and the future. Bill Soudrette's OG poster from Jim Tarbell's Grateful Dead Show at The Hyde Park Teen Center in November of '68 REALLY put the hook in me... Then things really began to take form. I told David Taylor at The Ludlow Garage about my idea and he was on-board from the beginning. Then I began to formulate the makings of the Live Show piece. From that point all of the pieces, for both parts of the event, just began to fall into place..."

The Memorabilia Exhibition will open to the public at 11a on Sunday and run until 2p with Exhibits placed all around David Taylor's Ludlow Garage. These will include tons of rare items; original photographs, show posters, recordings, one-of-a-kind memorabilia, swag for sale, and much more.

 Including: The memorabilia collection of Bill Soudrette, Original and rare photographs of Robert Lamb, as shown by Judith Lamb, Photographer Michael Wilson, Author Steven Rosen (Lost Cincinnati Concert Venues of the '50s and '60s / retired journalist from The Enquirer), Never before seen photographs of "The Goshorn Legacy," as shown by Kim Goshorn, Carl Edmondson (Driving Winds), Robin Lacy (DeZydeco), Ellen Deaton with items from the personal collection of Goeffrey Nimmo (WEBN), Peter Aaron with his "Counter Culture" perspective from the Punk years, Ken Broo, and MORE!!

 The Exhibition is Free but will be accepting donations for the Cincinnati USA Music Heritage Foundation. Can't attend, but want to donate? DONATE HERE

Music Performances:
Spokes - 2 Wheels & Friends - 6p - 6:45p
  Featuring: Jeffrey Seeman, Mickey Foellger, Marcos Sastre, Mike Grosser and Doug Hils

House Band - at 7p and again at 8p
 Featuring: Sonny Moorman, Ricky Nye, Danny Manning, Kristen Kreft, Kelly Thomas, Adam Furnish (School of Rock graduate), and MANY others!

The Auburnaires - 9p Special Jockey Club Reunion show!
 Featuring: Jimmy Cole, Vince Gray, Peter Alexander, Forrest Bivens, Andy Jody, and Ricky Nye

 According to Jerry Burck, "Life on the Edge - 25 Years That ROCKED Cincinnati is primarily a social event to gather, remember, tell stories, and relish in, these 25 years and how we were changed, and fascinated by what the future might hold - if we followed our dreams. The closest timeframe in our county's recent history in which we experienced such monumental social, moral, musical, and political change, as compared to the 25 years in our focus, was the Roaring 20's, IMHO."