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INTERVIEW: Andy Grammer

Photo Cred: Alex Harper

Known for his observations and affirmations, Grammer will engage, energize and empower you with his pop anthems, including the quadruple-platinum "Honey, I’m Good," platinum singles "Keep Your Head Up," "Fine By Me," "Don't Give Up on Me" and "Good To Be Alive (Hallelujah)." His songs will pick you back up when you need it, affirm your potential, and encourage you to keep going.

Catch Andy Grammer at Aronoff Center on Friday, October 7th!  

All proceeds from this inspiring evening will be used to improve treatment and prevention programs to address our community’s growing mental health crisis and support children and teens who are struggling.

 We caught up with Grammer prior to the show on Friday!

CincyMusic:It’s inspiring that the proceeds of this event will go to Cincinnati Children’s. What made you come to the decision to help out?
 Andy Grammer: I have always been drawn to Children's Hospitals. Honestly, is there a better group of people in society than the people you meet at Children’s Hospitals? I was recently playing a show in Utah and brought the whole palliative care team on stage so the crowd could sing the lyric, "I think you should know you saved my life” to them. The people who wake up every day and take care of our children when they are at their lowest are angels on earth.

CM: For those who have not seen you perform, what can they expect?
 AG: I love to get everyone singing, and I also throw in some spoken word poetry. If it’s done right, I think live music should make you feel aligned. It’s kind of like a spiritual chiropractic session!

CM: What has been your favorite memory as an artist?
AG:  I just got to play The Greek Theatre in Los Angeles and my daughters who are 2 and 5 got to see my show for the first time. Watching them sing along to my songs will forever make me so happy.

CM: What is next?
 AG: A lot of new music is coming, a lot more shows, and hopefully a lot more hospital visits.