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Joan Osborne Headed to Ludlow Garage

Singer/songwriter Joan Osborne just released a collection of unearthed live in-studio radio recordings entitled Radio Waves on February 22 (via her imprint Womanly Hips Records). The 13-song album is a unique, hand-picked assortment of Osborne’s favorite and most captivating live appearances culled from 100+ radio station performances over her 25-year career.

 Joan Osborne is stopping at Ludlow Garage on Saturday, September 24th!

Following the 2020 release of her critically acclaimed Trouble and Strife, Osborne canceled her touring plans and spent the lockdown like many others – visiting backburner projects and sorting through the contents of old, dusty shoeboxes.

“Most of my life’s work has disappeared without a trace,” Osborne said. “I’ve made 10+ studio albums, but the vast majority of the songs I’ve sung hundreds and thousands of times over decades of touring across the globe, has never been recorded.”