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Jay G Releases What Matters Most

Jay G released What Matters Most today!

"It meant a lot to make the album. It symbolizes prioritizing what matters most to me in life and staying true to myself. There’s a lot going on in the world right now and it’s important to stay focused on the things that drive you, the real reasons why you do what you do. So with that in mind, it was important for me to highlight that with this album." - Jay G

 Jay G was born and raised in Cincinnati, OH and has been active in music since the age of 15. Starting off in a group called Flyboys Ent - he has worked with a number of notable artists in the region. His first solo project, titled Speck of Greatness was released in 2012 and he has released four albums since 2019 alone, including the August 2021 Billboard Album of the Week, More than Enough. With fan favorites such as “True Colors”, “Worst Behavior”, and “Know the Vibes,” Jay G described creating the project as, “really fun to create and satisfying to bring positive energy to people’s lives.” With his sharp song-writing, unique tone, delivery, and style, along with his ear for music production, he continues to expand his sound and build with each release.

 Jay G has strong feelings to Motivate, Educate, Live your life, and Find inspiration everywhere. "Our music is representative of US, our generation, our struggles, battles, mindset, and view of the world."

Grab What Matters Most HERE!