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Juan Cosby Quartet Album Release Party

This Friday, producer/composer/multi-instrumentalist Juan Cosby and his band are releasing a raw audio live album recorded with Devin Brooks at Radio Artifact. The closed-session artistic endeavor features vocalists Audley and Wonky Tonk, and was created with no previous rehearsals. The 6-song set was improvised on 12-21-2021 by the Juan Cosby Quartet; Juan alongside drummer Jaki Howser (MADQUEEN), bassist Chris Barlow (Jon Kohne Trio), and multi-instrumentalist Dan Barger (Danbient). Juan hopes this is the first of several improv-heavy live recordings to be released.

 Juan and the band are celebrating the 7/22 release with a party at Mecca OTR the same night. Self-Similar and Sappha are opening things up. Juan Cosby Quartet will follow-up with a set with special guest Wonky Tonk that includes a rap freestyle cypher featuring 5 to 10 handpicked rappers by Graval Baehr (Donuts N Akahol). From there, the party moves inside, with sets from TINO (Dayton, OH) and Deuces II.