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Counterfeit Money Machine are Pulling it all Together

Cincinnati-based hip-hop trio Counterfeit Money Machine (AP Counterfeit, Kill Bill, & Juan Cosby) are releasing their first full-length album - When You Find A Stranger In The Alps - since 2016 - TODAY via Grasshopper Juice Records/Artificial Currency. Join them tonight at Chameleon Pizza to celebrate the release!

 Counterfeit Money Machine was formed over a decade ago by brothers Andrew and Bill Doench (AP Counterfeit and Kill Bill, respectively). In 2014, the duo added producer/multi-instrumentalist Juan Cosby to fold, and the rest is history, so to speak.

 In celebrating this momentous occasion, the band is sharing their new music video for "Feed Me To The Cyclops" and also hosting a free release party performance at Juan's local venue Chameleon, with Vibe-One from Watusi Tribe and K’neh Wayne opening things up. Kill Bill will be hosting a "rap karaoke" event immediately following the group's set.

When You Find A Stranger In The Alps is ten unapologetic songs, fully-loaded with comical references to the album's namesake, The Big Lebowski, as well as nods to the band's namesake: HBO sketch comedy series Mr. Show. Every song is produced/mixed/mastered by the group's personal beat wizard Juan Cosby, with special guest vocalists Spoken Nerd, CJ the Cynic, and Happy Tooth. Producer/violinist Vusive contributed parts to "Murderers & Mascots". Chris Barlow (Jon Kohne Trio, Juan Cosby Quartet) plays electric bass throughout the full-length.

 Several Midwest full-band tours, national solo tours, and pregnancies later, and the group is set to release its best work to date. The band re-tracked vocals several times and dropped "the fluff songs" to ensure the best quality end-to-end burner in the band's extensive history. CMM has hinted that this might be their last full-length album as a trio. Say it isn't so!!