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Get Ready for Burritofest

After two years of pandemic woes and sporadic performances, live music in Cincinnati is back baby! Kick off your summer right with Burritofest! Taking place at The Comet in Northside on May 13th and 14th, Burritofest will be 2 days of music, friendship, and entertainment at one of Cincinnati’s most iconic bars (and burrito kitchens). Both the classic stage area and the new-and-improved grotto area outside will be used to bring guests a nonstop musical experience unlike any other in town.

Much like the burrito itself, Burritofest intends to give patrons a little bit of several different ingredients. The lineup features musicians across multiple genres and styles, all of which will be given exactly 30 minutes to perform. Whether they’re a local staple or a newer act, everyone has the same amount of time to make their statement.

Burritofest will feature several established Cincinnati acts such as Sylmar, Sundae Drives, and Ball of Light as well as notable up-and-comers like The Bellowing Pines, Heist, and Maria Keck. There will also be a standup comedy showcase early on Saturday featuring multiple legendary local comedians. No matter what style suits you, there’s something for everyone at Burritofest.

The best part of Burritofest? It’s a donations-based entry. Pay what you can, the money collected will go to the bands. Nobody will be denied entrance to this community celebration due to lack of funds. No amount is too large or small to give.