• Preview

Kishi Bashi Will Delight at The Madison Theater

Photo Cred: Rachael Renee Levasseur

Kishi Bashi will be at Madison Theater Friday, April 1st celebrating the 10th anniversary of his beloved debut album, 151a, and its first ever reissue, due out March 11th via Joyful Noise Recordings!

The acclaimed violinist and songwriter is a joy to see live and I guarantee his performance will stick with you for some time after.

Released in 2012, 151a established Kishi Bashi as an artist to watch in his own right, following years performing as a multi-instrumentalist with artists including Regina Spektor and of Montreal (his collaboration on the latter’s album Paralytic Stalks proved formative). The title is a riff on the Japanese phrase “ichi-go ichi-e,” roughly translating to “one time, one place.” That’s exactly what this debut, produced and performed exclusively by Kishi Bashi, is: A singular time, an inimitable place, a launchpad for bigger and better things to come for the one-man orchestra. The time and place that 151a inhabited seems further than ever, but with each listen, we find that the world of 151a never left–it was just waiting to be rediscovered. Case in point: the album’s emotional wellspring, “I Am The Antichrist To You,” introduced him to a new generation of fans when it was featured in a climactic scene of Adult Swim’s animated sci-fi hit Rick and Morty just last summer.