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New Artist David McGlynn Releases Single

Singer-Songwriter David McGlynn has released his first single off his forthcoming album, Life’s Moments! The song, entitled “ANSWER”, features David on vocals and acoustic guitar, Jeff Mellott on drums, Matt Wiles on bass and Brandon Coleman on guitars and keyboards.

"ANSWER" tackles a question that almost every person asks out loud at some point in their life, “What does it all mean? What is the meaning of my existence? What is the answer?” And the “answer” we’re really looking for goes unanswered.

The song was inspired by daily walks David took through Eden Park with his dog. “I would walk my dog twice a day and often find myself on these 30 to 40-minute contemplative walks, observing nature and later, writing what I thought down in my journal. Inevitably, what I thought about were these, ‘what about life’ type of questions which I turned into song themes.” says McGlynn.

The album was recorded by Joey Gurwin, a Grammy nominated producer, (O.A.R., A$AP, Mac Miller) at Oranjudio Studios in Columbus, and Brandon Coleman (Brandon Coleman Quartet, Randy Villars, Sam Blakeslee, Dan Pugach Nonet) at the Golden Mean Studios in Cincinnati. It was produced by Brandon Coleman, Jeff Mellott (Us, Today), and David McGlynn.

 Listen to "ANSWER" now!

Make sure to make plans to join David McGlynn at the Woodward Theater with Ric Hordinski and Moonshine Drive on March 5, 2022 for the Album Release show presented by Sunshine House Records!