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PHYSCO Release "Mr. Rainmaker"

PHYSCO (pronounced fis-co) is an Alternative/Arena rock band from Cincinnati, Ohio. Over the past year and a half they have spent countless hours crafting their upcoming rock opera, 'Hector' to be released January 1st, 2022.

 Today "Mr. Rainmaker" was released from the upcoming album! Check it out on Spotify!

"When we set out to write this album (Hector) we had no intention of writing a rock opera about grief and mental health, but as the project progressed it was clear that this piece was our way of unpacking a lot of what we were experiencing." Joey Loebker (Vocals). The album follows the titular character "Hector" through his daily life, his untimely death, and beyond. Exploring such topics as anxiety, depression, and even religion while still keeping a friendly charm those familiar with the band have come to love. Loebker described this album as a time of maturation for the band stating, "I would describe some of our older releases as Skittles. Skilttles are good, and have their time and place, but if you eat Skittles for every meal you are going to wind up throwing up in a waffle house bathroom."