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National Barks Release Music Video - "You Gave Me Something I Can't Shake Off"

National Barks have released the music video for ""You Gave Me Something I Can't Shake Off" from the EP with the same name!

The song "You Gave Me Something I Can't Shake Off" comes from our 2020 EP release "Something I Can't Shake Off". The story features National Barks duo Adam and Jeff as they are chased by a group of masked strangers. At the beginning of the story, the bandmates appear to be burying something early in the morning just before being confronted by the strangers. Then a chase carries throughout the morning on foot, car, and longboard... The video was shot using a 360 camera to capture interesting angles during the longer chase scenes. The band and a group of friends had to capture all of the shots within an hour's time frame to get the proper outdoor lighting.