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Introducing… The Village Theater

This Winter Mike's Music owner Mike Reeder is following through on his original concept at the Northern Kentucky Store/ Production House 'The Village Sight Sound and Stage' - located in the heart of Covington's Mainstrasse district. Mike’s Music Productions will open a venue in the Deco Theater room in addition to the current Production facility the building houses to support original music and create an outlet for people to support each other by building a place where everyone can share.

The Village will be a boutique style venue with professional sound, techs and lights set atop a wide, risen stage. The venue will also have a small bar and will still be open to the public as a music shop with gear on the walls surrounding you.

If you walk into either locations of Mike's Music (Covington or Cincinnati), you will find yourself diving headfirst into a wonderland of vintage guitars, basses and a vast array of musical equipment that Mike has garnered throughout the shop's 30 years in operation.

Mike's Music also plans to grow their 'The Village' YouTube Channel by having sets released as a service by the venue, thus giving acts the opportunity to have extra promotion by having music and video content released through the channel, as well as the original Village programming some now with live audiences.

Mike's Music will be starting a Village TV playlist that features local artists in a 24 hour stream called ‘Vtv', harkening back to the music video days of old, when music videos were everything.

Reeder has enlisted the help of local booking agent, Jeremy Moore to help curate events and promote.
 “I’m excited to be doing a bit of booking work again, especially for someone who has put so much of his life into spreading music in a unique way. This city has always had a lot to offer the music world at large." - Jeremy Moore.

 The stores have seen countless musicians through the shops over the years, from locals to national players such as Bob Dylan, Jack White, and Tom Waits, as well as members of Fleetwood Mac, the Eagles, ZZ Top and Oasis among many more!

The Village Theater is starting a Patreon platform for sponsorships as well.
If you would like to become a patron or a sponsor visit HERE.