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Elementree to Release Solutions

Solutions is the debut solo album from the front man of Cincinnati established band Elementree Livity Project. The album was written and produced by Elementree himself during the lockdown of 2020 at the beginning of the pandemic.

Solutions will be released on all streaming platforms and digital distribution on November 27th. Pre-save the album to your Spotify or Apple Music.

Elementree has always enjoyed being the frontman for Elementree Livity Project. Getting to play with some of his favorite reggae artists, tour the US and record an album with Easy Star Records. The only thing was there was just so much more music that he had in the oven. Being a producer himself, there were more genres and electronic influences that he wanted to integrate into the sound including Hip Hop, Neo-Soul, Dancehall and more.

My creative juices were really flowing during that time with so much going on around me. Everyone was processing everything that was happening at that time in different ways. There is a lot of influence that can be heard in the album about social injustice, quarantine lockdowns, world issues, revolutions and most of all Solutions” - which happens to be the name of the album.”

The album is dominated by a conscious reggae sound but there are lots of other genres that creep in along the way. This album is rich in artist features and showcases several talented artists from here in the Cincinnati OH area such as Junya Be, Aprinas Revolutionary Love, Scott Simms, FAME YNO and Fyahball Obie Won. Also several east cost reggae bands Elementree has shared the stage with are featured as well like Sun Dried Vibes, TreeHouse! and members of Roots of a Rebellion.

Colorado, the first single off of the album is a roots reggae bouncer that is really a calling to all who have been to a magical location somewhere and just always wanted to go back. Elementree echoes this idea in the chorus of the song while singing about doing back to Colorado I wanna go back to C.O” - Colorado, Ill never let you go.”

Some of the other songs such as the uplifting and chilled out Had it Made” feat. Scott Simms use a head knocking Hip-Hop beat combined with sweet acoustic guitar melodies to allow the listener to reflect. Blaze Up The Fire” feat. FAME YNO utilizes a raw Hip-Hop/Trap beat mixed with a reggae guitar skank and Damian Marley like scatting on the vocal melodies. While other songs like Same Blood” feat. Aprinas Revolutionary Love have nothing but an egg shaker, clap and an acoustic guitar and still bring a strong message of social justice, equality and a bridge that is worthy of an epic Disney movie.

The theme of the whole album itself is creating real world Solutions” for so many of the problems that we have as a nation and planet. Healing starts with intention and then action which the end result should always have a solution.