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Arnold's Thanksgiving Eve w/ Jess Lamb and the Factory

This Wednesday, "Thanksgiving Eve" Arnold’s is teaming up with Maker's Mark and Jess Lamb & the Factory to offer literally the coolest giveaway Arnold’s has ever done. Having Jess Lamb and the Factory booked on Thanksgiving Eve is honestly amazing enough but they also teamed up the folks at Alchemy Fest to develop special cocktails just for this event and we will have Maker's infused dinner specials all night.

The most exciting part is we partnered up with Neltner Small Batch, Otto Printing and Mus-i-col Records to offer a hand crafted limited edition 7” vinyl Record featuring two songs from Jess Lamb and the Factory. The awesome part? It’s free! They are giving them all away. They have 150 total pressed on opaque red vinyl (just like the wax on a Maker's bottle) to hand out as first come first serve basis.

Even the record sleeves are special. This isn't just digital-print-on-demand-job. Each cover is a letterpressed work of art created at Otto Printing in Newport by legendary designer and muralist Keith Neltner. The truly special thing? Each record sleeve will be hand dipped at Maker’s Mark - just like your favorite bourbon.
Drink and Menu Specials run all day, Jess Lamb and the Factory take the stage at 8. The Records will also be available at 8pm.

*There is an extremely limited number of copies pressed on clear, pink and black splatter vinyl (yes, they look awesome) that will be available at select local record stores on Black Friday. There will only be 50 copies available. 10 copies each to 5 different record stores. The records will be available at Shake It Records, Everybody's Records, Plaid Room Records, Torn Light Records and Herzog Records.

** Breakdown for the record geeks: There were 360 records pressed total. 200 on opaque red vinyl, 150 on clear, pink and black splatter vinyl and 10 on Glow in the dark vinyl. 150 opaque red will be given away for free and will be available at Arnold's only. 50 of the Splatter vinyl will be available at record stores with the rest being given to people involved in making the records. There is also a glow in the dark version. Only 10 were made. Only 1 copy will be available at each of the record stores.