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Ann Driscoll to Celebrate New Music Video at The Comet

Photo Cred: Michael Sweeny

Local musician, Ann Driscoll will be releasing her music video for the original song, Obloquy. Directed by LA-based Cincinnati native, Matthew Gilliam, the video was shot at Jackson Hill Park in Mount Auburn, Cincinnati in July 2021 and features a lively cast of cicadas crawling on Driscoll and her Fender Telecaster guitar.

“The idea was to be playful and celebrate life as well as commemorate the time and place: the summer of 2021 was a time of tentative re-opening after over a year of quarantine. Just as many of us had emerged from isolation, Broodx had emerged from the ground after 17 years."

The cicadas are filmed in striking close-up and the intention was to observe and celebrate them.

“I knew Matt would be leaving for LA in the fall and wanted to collaborate with him. The goal was to capture the grunge, DIY spirit of the song but convert the downcast lyrics into something fun and up-lifting.”

Driscoll is a Cincinnati native, Berklee graduate, and singer-songwriter whose music has been featured in Billboard Magazine and has performed in New York City, Europe, and Egypt.

As for the word “obloquy,” it’s a word Driscoll learned while studying for the GRE. The song was self-recorded and performed by Driscoll in her home studio in Mt. Auburn. The spirit of the music is inspired by Driscoll's recent appreciation for the rough-and-ready sonics of late-60's-era Rolling Stones.

Driscoll will be releasing the song on Bandcamp and performing at The Comet on Saturday, joined by local singer-songwriters, Purefoy Donahue (Nick Corbello) and Julian Jaffe. Obloquy will be available for sale on Bandcamp along with the B-side “Stay Alive (acoustic version).” Cassette tapes will be for sale as well in November featuring the art-work of Corbello who recently released his photo-zine, Golf Prayers.