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Photo Cred: Ruth Preston

WALK THE MOON brought their Dream Plane Tour home on Saturday at Bogart's. WTM are no strangers to playing their hometown. Having played Bunbury Music Festival, Northside Tavern, Great American Ball Park, and even filming "Anna Sun" at The Mockbee, WTM has never been shy about their love of Cincinnati. With a sold out crowd, the band seemed as excited as the audience did to be there.


As always, Nicholas Petricca involved the crowd in every song, whether through clapping, harmony, or both. "Feeling ok, feeling good? I don't even know what to say, I'm so happy to be here. So glad to be home. We got new music for you, we have a new album coming out. 11/12, don't forget it!"


WALK THE MOON have always been top notch performers and they certainly didn’t disappoint on Saturday. If those of us in the crowd missed live performances, Walk the Moon clearly missed delivering them. WTM played all the hits such as "Tightrope," "Shut Up and Dance," and of course the encore of "Anna Sun," and even delighted the audience with a few new ones such as, "Fire in Your House." Everyone in attendance knew every word and hand clap. It definitely felt like a large party amongst all your favorite friends.


Who missed who more? The fans or WALK THE MOON? My answer: who cares because the dynamic between the two is worth it. Cincinnati is already ready to welcome home WALK THE MOON again very soon.


Walk The Moon

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