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Jimmy Clepper Releases Video for Imposter

Jimmy Clepper, best known for being the frontman and songwriter behind hip-hop inspired indie rock band See You In The Funnies, has released a new video for the song 'Imposter' from his solo project. The song, complimenting the visual, was written during the thick of the pandemic and is about the struggles of imposter syndrome, feeling unsure about your future and uncertain about your place in it.

 It's a touching and relatable song about how to not know where you fit in.

Since forming See You In The Funnies at 15 with childhood friends, the band has released two full length albums along with two EP's. Jimmy has also released music with side projects Easy Rugby and Lemoncats but it wasn't until recently that he began the journey of releasing solo material in singer/songwriter format. With songs stacking up over the last year that were crafted with a more personal approach & were more emotionally vulnerable in nature, he decided it was time to make the project official. Stripped down & transparent like the music, no clever band names or monikers, only Jimmy Clepper.