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REVIEW: The Avett Brothers at PromoWest Pavilion at OVATION

Photo Cred: Whitney Denman

The Avett Brothers hit the stage for the first time in Newport at PromoWest Pavilion at OVATION! Not only was the weather perfect, but what a great venue to catch a live show at. I arrived early to make sure I got the lay of the land at OVATION - since it was my first time attending a concert there. The outdoor venue holds up to 7000, and I am pretty sure they were close to capacity last night. Even with the full house, it was very easy to make your way through the crowd throughout the evening. The grass in the lawn is a great place to kick back and still have an intimate experience with the band plus with the views of the Cincinnati skyline to your right. I can not say enough good things about my first experience at OVATION.


I and LOVE The Avett Brothers. I first discovered The Avett Brothers via their Tiny Desk performance on NPR in June of 2009. Their performance of "Laundry Room" made me fall in love with the band, and my love has not wavered since. I first saw them live at Forecastle Festival in the same year and I have seen them over a few dozen times since. The Avett Brothers live in concert is an experience that you will not soon forget. Last night was no exception, heck - given the last 18 or so months we have had, I think it was the best Avett show I have ever seen.

The crowd was bubbling over in anticipation as we waited for our Avett Brothers to take the stage. Shortly after 8p, they walked out on stage and went straight into, "Live and Die" directly into "Laundry Room," which brought the audience into an excited, dancing frenzy that would continue throughout the evening.

Scott and Seth's energy radiaited among the crowd, you could just feel how happy they were to be playing for us. As the Avetts are on stage, string sections merge with raucous cello solos by Joe Kwon, rhythm banjo, screaming electric guitars and fiddle tunes by Bob Crawford. Throughout the concert, they seamlessly switch it up between solo, duo, trio, and whole band configurations. Giving each band member a time to shine.


The Avett Brothers always join together to present songs about experiences that they as humans have known to humans who know what they mean. In turn, seeing The Avett Brothers is not only a very joyous occasion, but also heartfelt and allows each person to reflect on the lyrics.


There did not seem to be any Avett newbees in attendance last night. Everyone in the audience knew every word to every song and Scott even commented on that, "I can hear you guys. At full volume, I can still hear you through these ears (monitors)."

It was a perfect concert, start to finish - even with a slight hiccup when the EMT were called in for an audience member (they were ok). The positive energy that The Avett Brothers give out will likely infect the entire audience for at least the next week or so.

“ We are The Avett Brothers, thank you kindly.”

The Avett Brothers

Open Album


1. Live and Die

2. Laundry Room

3. Old Joe Clark

4. At the Beach

5. Head Full of Doubt/Road Full of Promise

6. Trouble Letting Go

7. November Blue

8. Gimmeakiss

9. I Wish I Was

10. My Last Song to Jenny

11. The Perfect Space

12. Satan Pulls the Strings

13. Morning Song

14. Paranoia in B-Flat Major

15. Just a Closer Walk With Thee

16. Die Die Die

17. Shame

18. High Steppin'

19. I and Love and You

20. Slight Figure of Speech (w/ drum solo)


21. Ain't No Man

22. Talk on Indolence

23. No Hard Feelings


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