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Brandon Gray & The Outlaw Skies Release New Single

Brandon Gray & The Outlaw Skies are relaxing the single, "Heroin Under the Mattress" on Friday, September 17th! It's a powerful song written by Brandon Gray based on a run made on an EMS call a few years back.

Brandon brings an Americana storytelling vibe with rock n roll roots. He writes from a point of view of love, life and loss. Connecting unspoken feelings with music. The Outlaw Skies is the combination of the additional instruments, musicians, friends and fans that tell the story. It isn't about fame and fortune, it is about connection. Hoping that one song, one word just might help someone that doesn't know they need it.

We sat down with Brandon to learn more about the single and find out where to see the band next!

You mentioned that the song is based on an EMS run from years back. How does being an EMT help or hinder your writing process? I would imagine that a job so important really takes a lot out of you on a daily basis.

Being a Firefighter/EMT is where a lot of inspiration comes from in my writing. Despite the depth of loss and tragedy that I have experienced through my job, I count it all as a blessing. Writing helps me process what I see, how I feel - I hope that it may help someone who hears the songs - whether they are the one struggling, or have a friend or family member that is hurting. My job is very stressful & demanding, and takes a lot of you mentally and physically. It is processing those things, writing songs about it, talking to friends, family & through therapy that allows me to be in a place to continue to do my job each shift.

It does seem that within the past 18 months or so, a shift has happened in what people are concerned about. What do you think that can be done to shift a bit of the focus back on the heroin epidemic again?

To me it seems like the world had stopped spinning - such a focus on the covid epidemic that everyday struggles seemed to disappear. We can't just abandon all of life's issues and other problems. We have to continue to treat, recover & educate.

Catch Brandon Gray & The Outlaw Skies next at Big Ash Brewing on September 16th and October 21st!

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