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National Barks Release Becky Bummer

National Barks just released their newest music video, "Becky Bummer!"

According to Adam of National Barks, "When shooting the video for our track Becky Bummer, we performed the song twice as fast and slowed down the playback video to match the timing of the song. This style gives the video a weird delayed slow motion effect. The video was shot on the west side of downtown Cincinnati outside of a friend's warehouse. It was shot over a one-hour period during sunset to capture the pretty pink and purple skies with the railyard as the background. We also ran into a few cicadas during the shoot."

"Becky Bummer" comes from the 2020 EP, Something I Can't Shake Off.
 Directed by Colin Faust, music by National Barks, recorded at Sabbath Recording, and mastered at Cauliflower Audio.