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EG Vines at SGHR on Saturday

Photo Cred: Nate Brown

Nashville’s up-and-coming EG Vines has been on quite the ride over the last few years. After quitting his corporate rat race job to pursue music full time and releasing his much talked about debut, Family Business, in 2019. Vines finally had a moment to reach for those creative corners of his mind previously undiscovered.

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 Looking back at his time splitting life between a desk job and music, Vines says it resulted in him being constantly on edge, carrying frustrations on his back all the time. While he still loves and stands by the music he wrote during that period, quitting his job has allowed Vines to pour more of himself into his music, and his brand new full-length album Through the Mirror is a testament to the positive effect this has had. Set to be released on August 27th, Through the Mirror is part indie rock nirvana—the state of being more so than the band—and part reaction to an uber-politicized world. “It’s that social dilemma,” says Vines. “People get in their hall of mirrors and maybe they’re not looking at reality.”