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A.M. Nice Benefit For The Southgate House Revival

 Tune in Friday at 9p to the Phratry Records YouTube channel for a virtual-event concert video to benefit The Southgate House Revival! A.M. Nice & Phratry Records Present, "A.M. Nice - Empty House."

Donation Links to tSGHR:
 Venmo - @southgatehouse-revival
 Paypal - sghbooking@gmail.com

Morrella Raleigh and the staff at The Southgate House Revival in Newport, KY have given so much to A.M. Nice, Phratry Records, and countless others who work, live, create, and experience music in this region. Whether it's allowing performers to tryout new material on a weeknight open-mic, run whole-house shows, pairing local bands with national touring acts, or allowing countless loud, obnoxious, raucous noisy nights, The Southgate House Revival is a venue that has allowed so many to congregate, commiserate, create, grow and celebrate. In return, labels like Phratry Records and artists like A.M. Nice do their best to give back by bringing new patrons and new bands from across the Country to the venue.

The Southgate House Revival, like all the great music venues in our town, is attempting to open shuttered doors and crawl out of the COVID darkness. An occasional, limited-seating event are not enough to make up for the loss, and not enough of a thanks. In May, Morrella opened-up the doors of the Southgate House to A.M. Nice, where they filmed a 30 minute set with local film company Echo Basement which will be presented online via Phratry Records' YouTube channel as a benefit event for the venue.

 The band asks all local music fans to think of at least one night at the Southgate House that was taken away from them in the last year, whether it was a Bluegrass night, a Thrash Metal concert, or just a place to meet an old friend, and then take a moment to give back to a venue that has given so much to our community. Venmo and PayPal information will be provided during this event and donations can be made in real time, or anytime after its premier. 100% of all donations will go directly to The Southgate House Revival. This may fall short of an equitable reciprocity, but it's a start as music venues begin to re-open.