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National Barks Release Japanese Car in the Desert

National Barks have released the video for Japanese Car in the Desert!

We had a chance to chat with Adam Brandt of National Barks about the new song and video!

Tell us about the inspiration behind the song, Japanese Car in the Desert…
 The song is about losing someone that made you feel comfortable about being your true self when they were around. It describes this feeling by casting the character as an outcast in unfamiliar surroundings. Throughout the song, the character grows more self-conscious that their actions may appear abnormal to the people around them and they no longer feel that they know how to do the things that were once easy.

How did the concept of the video come to be?
The band met with Drew Money, Dan Phenicie, and Adam Rabinowitz from 7/79 Video for a few brainstorming sessions. After discussing many themes and ideas, the group decided to utilize a retro wrestling theme - set in the desert of course. Drew wanted to utilize the song lyrics to tell a story of betrayal between two wrestlers to match certain emotions that are portrayed in the song. These particular emotions included remorse, humiliation, and regret. The band did not want to make it obvious at the beginning of the video why the hero was remorseful - so the group came up with an idea to keep the reason hidden until the final shot (no spoilers here!). The project was a fun experience to take part in because it involved more detailed set-up and planning than the previous videos for National Barks. The project included three different sets (a boxing ring, an in-studio "green screen" for the driving shots, and outdoor shots in OTR), a film crew, and a few actors and extras to fill out the cast.

What is next for National Barks?
We are currently recording 5 more singles with Sabbath Recording and Marble Garden that will likely be released throughout 2022. The band also plans on releasing a few more videos for the songs from our 2020 release "Something I Can't Shake Off". We are also FINALLY looking to book shows for the end of the summer! The first scheduled show is with Trauma Illinois at Fretboard Brewing on 7/30.