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New Moons Release The Hole

New Moons have released their latest album The Hole TODAY!

 We got to chat with Curtis from New Moons about the new album and what is next for the band.

Go listen to The Hole NOW!

Tell us about the new album, The Hole...
 This album has been finished now since around Fall 2019 and has taken us forever to put out for a number of reasons, but we're glad to finally be releasing it. We worked with our friend Justin Newton at Jay Song Studio who did our Blood In the Waves EP. We're always happy with our production but we tried to amp it up a little this time with The Hole. There's more synths, more guitar layers, and we wanted to focus on vocals and harmonizing this time around and I think it paid off. Thematically, The Hole is about the things that bother me, like people who don't tip servers, corporate greed, heartburn, etc. all while trying to be hopeful that things might change. 

What does the album mean to the band?
I think it's a big step forward for us in terms of songwriting and finding our sound. The production feels cohesive and there is a really nice flow to the album if you listen start to finish. We made sure to have songs that bleed into one another and fit together. It all feels like it belongs together while still having songs that stand on their own. We feel it's our strongest record so far and look forward to building on the things we learned making it.

Has the past year changed any of the priorities of the band?
Well we didn't do many shows, but it did make us really want to play shows again. So we've been writing new songs and safely practicing a lot on our set getting ready for events to begin again. We played our first live (online) gig in over a year not long ago with Monsterpiece Theater and it felt great to play again in front of an (online) audience.

What is next for New Moons?
We are always trying to keep writing new material and keep that process going, but we're actually going to play in front of real live people this year too. We're performing at the IndieCraft Music Festival on June 12th in Springfield, and we will be artists in residence at Cedar Point from July 26 - Aug 1. We are very excited to play the new record and see people again!