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AP COUNTERFEIT NEW ALBUM “Everything is Therapy” out now!

The new full-length album “Everything Is Therapy” from Cincinnati-based rapper AP Counterfeit is out now via Artificial Currency. The follow-up to 2019’s “This Is Me Now,” EIT exemplifies AP’s lyrical prowess and songwriting growth. The album has features from vocalists KidDEAD, Longshot, Ill Poetic, Boogie Bang, Cj The Cynic, and more. It was important for AP to include a lot of featured artists on EIT; friends and mentors who have helped shape his sound and have been major parts of his personal life.

The 18-song album comes in at just over an hour long. The production journeys through various styles and eclectic subgenres, featuring beats from many different parts of the country and world, including Canada’s own MPC world champion Fresh Kils.

Go listen TODAY!