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REVIEW: The Spoon and the Knife - Frankly Speaking

Frankly Speaking recently released, "The Spoon and the Knife." A poignant song about trust.

Frankly Speaking is making waves in the music industry with his raw and honest lyrics combined with melodic riffs and catchy delivery. The premise of "The Spoon and the Knife" is according to Frankly Speaking a song about, “if something hurt you and you aren’t over it, how can you ever trust something that won’t hurt you?”

"Can't trust the spoon if you can't trust the knife..." Wise words. This song is a deep look at how when one gets wronged, how do they trust again? ..."never knew trust till I walked on a wire, I never knew truth till I walked through a fire."

Frankly Speaking self-produced the song. It’s the last of his 5 song EP that he wrote and produced for a publishing deal with a subsidiary to Warner Bros called Telepictures Music.