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Cincinnati Women in Music: Kelly Chelston

Photo Cred: Emmy Susani

Kelly Chelston is a badass. If you haven't seen her perform with Tiger Sex, you are truly missing out. She puts her all into everything that she does. And not only is she one of the most dynamic front women on stage that I have ever seen, but she is a beast in the kitchen. I was honored to chat with Kelly about being a Woman in Cincinnati Music.

Give us some background on Tiger Sex…How did you form?
 Tiger Sex formed in Vegas at a buffet. Kei from the band Tinglerz and I met at one of his shows and I instantly loved his style of guitar playing. We ended up sharing the same love for music/bands and started jamming some covers together for fun which led to creating and writing our own material naturally.. he said we should form a band and one day at a buffet (food helps magic happen) BAM Tiger Sex was born!

What are some things we may not know about Kelly Chelston?
 I am my own personal trainer!

I work out like I perform on stage... like a beast! I’ve fought with my mental health my whole life and extreme exercise is one way for me to feel alive and in control of myself. Music and cooking also have a big part in this!

I’m also a true crime junkie.

Tell us about your cooking show, Kelly's Tiger Bites! What inspired you to start it? What is your all-time favorite recipe?
 A couple years back I took a mental break from the band to get myself together and was encouraged to pursue my next love which is cooking! Sharing food with others is important, it spreads happiness and love... and it’s a delicious way to make people smile! It’s super hard to choose one but two of my fav recipes is homemade linguine pasta (I love chewy pasta made fresh) and clams & Italian stuffed shells of course with my sauce. Doesn’t hurt to have a side of garlic bread.. You can check out my band stuff and cooking show “Kelly’s Tiger Bites” at www.tigersex.info under the scroll bar!!

As a Woman in Cincinnati Music, do you feel that gender has ever hindered your path? Do you feel that you have to work harder to get your voice heard?
 I never thought about that too much. I never felt pushed back when it comes to our music because of gender. I’m a tiger hear me ROAR!

What Women in music (or behind the music) do you admire?
 I very much love Etta James, my list of women I admire is never ending in and out of music.

What do you want people to take away with them when they think of you?
 Positivity and warmth. Everything I do within my music and cooking shows is to make others happy, excited, pumped, creative and know you can be yourself and make your goals and fantasies a reality, be who you are and don’t let others drag you down!