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Sundae Drives Release Your Bedroom

Sundae Drives are at it again. Can anything stop these crazy kids from creating amazing music? The answer is no, so buckle up for the ride, get hip, and spread the word of #medicinemusic!

Ohio based Indie-soul & alt-pop band Sundae Drives continue their release journey of a five part volume series: #medicinemusic. After a successful Volume One that saw local & regional press coverage & radio play for every single release along with visuals for each individual track, the duo even managed to find themselves in the streaming company of artists like Foo Fighters, Billie Eilish & Yungblud after the song “Vultures” was organically picked up by Apple Music for their 'Top 100 In Alternative' playlist. Now, as promised, Sundae Drives return with Volume Two.

“Your Bedroom” is the ideal single to launch Volume Two of #medicinemusic as it highlights their forever theme of 'intimacy meets intensity'. The title itself already prepares the listener for a vulnerable journey. Sexuality is a transparent expression of the inner life and true depth of a person, and that is exactly what song delves into as its lyrics express the beauty of sexuality and the power of sensual, shared moments with your partner behind closed doors. Although the sometimes taboo topic of lust does not get censored here, songwriter Adam Lee does however use his signature poetic referencing to describe how the chaos of the physical world doesn't matter while in the act of doing physical things, in the privacy of your bedroom.

Sonically the song is a rollercoaster ride of build ups & breakdowns, showcasing the predictable unpredictability that Sundae Drives listeners have become familiar with. The eclectic style & unorthodox approach allows them to venture into various genres and musical territories with little to no reservation. So in addition to playing bass, keyboard & drums on the track, multi-instrumentalist Nick Bop also builds & arranges a soundscape of noises including synth loops & electronic samples. Without force, audio engineer of the entire volume series, Noah Smith at Thought Machine Studio, skillfully produces a balanced masterpiece from single E string plucking on an acoustic guitar to full on layered production, along with Adam's trademark vocal delivery accompanied by Bop's patented harmonies.