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Musicologie Anderson Will Provide Music Lessons & Sustainable Careers for Teachers

Musicologie Anderson opens March 1, 2020 at 7120 Dunn Road, the latest collaboration for local musicians and business partners Kristin Agee and Jeremy Singer. In partnership with Columbus-based Musicologie, Anderson Music Workshop will be entirely rebranded and reorganized. The teaching staff will remain in place and lessons will continue uninterrupted.

Founded by Joseph and Kay Barker in 2014, Musicologie is mission-driven; it exists to create an inclusive community of music explorers and empower teachers to build sustainable careers. The Barkers, longtime touring musicians and music educators, have four studios in the greater Columbus area and one in Cleveland and have fine-tuned a unique co-ownership structure that provides partners – called Community Managers – the tools to operate successful teaching studios. Agee and Singer will join the company as Community Managers of Musicologie Anderson and will gain the support of an ever-growing body of solutions proven to help students develop and sustain a love of learning music and provide teachers with opportunities to grow as career educators.

Kristin Agee and Jeremy Singer have been teaching and performing together since 2008. In 2012, they opened Anderson Music Workshop to offer high quality music instruction and strive to make an impact on their local community. “We’re really proud of what we’ve built and the incredible teaching staff that has contributed so much to develop and educate Anderson’s current and future musicians. There are so many ideas and projects that will come to life now that will enhance their experience.” Agee said. Singer adds, “There have already been a few ah-ha moments that make me really excited for the future of the studio. Having a team of like-minded music educators behind us, with the same values and teaching philosophies - it will create all kinds of opportunities for us and our community of teachers and students.”

Musicologie Anderson is the company’s second studio located outside of the Columbus area. Joseph Barker is busy planning the next five years of growth and development for the music education company. “We will pour the same energy and resources into Musicologie Anderson that have helped set a new growth trajectory for our Cleveland Heights studio. Each of our studios is unique, reflecting the passions and personalities of the CM, but we hold consistent how we support our teachers and build community, and it works,” Barker said.

Interested musicians and families can inquire for more details through their website at https://musicologielessons.com/get-started