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KNOTTS Release Moon Faced Girl

KNOTTS have released "Moon Faced Girl" from their new EP Good Glasses!

Go grab the EP on Bandcamp today!

According to Adalia of KNOTTS: The filming process began when I went on a walk in November and casually asked my film-maker/screenwriter friend, Francesca, if she'd be up for helping me make a video for "Moon Faced Girl." She was excited about doing it and wanted to loop in her multimedia artist friend, Maya and writer/director friend, Matt. Francesca really took the reins in casting the vision for the video. Time constraints were tight because we wanted to get it done before winter and safely film it outside. I wanted to get across the longing of the song. So I loved when Fran suggested nature as the backdrop.

After Fran pitched me the ideas we filmed at different locations around Cincinnati, including Mt. Storm Park and French park and a field behind a suburb. We spent two days outside a few days after Thanksgiving getting the shots. It was extremely cold! But I tried very hard to make it look like it wasn't. The filmmakers involved were Francesca Marcotte Rietz (Writer, Producer, Screenwriter) Maya Earl (Cinematographer, Editor, Producer) Matt Gilliam (Aerial Videographer) and Mary Clare Rietz (Location Scout). The musicians involved were Jordan Antoine Wilson and Isaiah Cook. I was just talking to the video's writer and director Francesca Marcotte-Reitz about her vision, she said she was trying to get across the feeling of bringing people together at a time when it felt impossible or dangerous to do so. There is a line in the song that says you are loved. She wanted the video to be a platonic love letter to everyone who watches it.

The song to me is very personal, I wrote it after my sister-in-law's mother died. I wrote it for and to her. To tell her that I love her and to ask that she not let this awful thing dim her light or harden her, and I think that I also wanted that for listeners too. There are many legitimate reasons to feel pinned under the pressure of the tragedies of the world but I want to encourage people to choose hope.

You can find the video artist's work at Francesca Marcotte Rietz-Video Artist/Filmmaker/ Screenwriter at vimeo.com/filmsbyfran, Matt Gilliam- Director of narrative fiction and experimental work, mgilliam.com and Maya Earl- Multimedia Artist with a focus in video production @feralflicks on Instagram.