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Emerging Artist Sonez Releases Love

Native to the Midwest, with South Asian roots, Sonez (pronounced: /sōnz/) blends different walks of life and cultural qualities to their common running thread: the human experience. Sonez uses the raw power of story-telling, through her music and lyrics, to convey the spectrum of emotions we all feel from our kite-soaring highs to gut-wrenching lows.

Today, Sonez released "Love." According to Sonez,  "After pain and heartbreak, we all swear off of love. "Love" is my response to why that never lasts long. It helps us learn more about ourselves and we wouldn't be who we are today without it."

Go check out "Love" NOW!

Sonez splits her time between Ohio, Southern California and New York City, where she is surrounded by fellow creatives and endless inspiration. Her continued devotion to all facets of the music production process, including songwriting, instrumentation, vocal production, mixing and mastering is what truly sets her apart as a multi-talented emerging artist.

As her sound evolves, Sonez’s focus on self-love, empowerment and compassion continue to be the driving force behind her music.