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Belau Releases 'Luz' featuring Sexto Sentido

Belau is one of the most promising electronica newcomers around the European music scene. In three years, they had almost 200 live performances in 23 countries. The debut LP, The Odyssey won the Hungarian Grammy in best electronic music album category. After their long-awaited sophomore album, titled Colourwave, they release a spiritual song "Luz" featuring Sexto Sentido which is a smooth blend of traditional Afro-Cuban music and modern electronica.

Like what you hear? I thought so. It's Friday, so go grab a download via Bandcamp!

We got to chat with Belau about the making of "Luz"

Tell us about the meaning behind “Luz”
 "Luz" is kind of a bridge to our future album, it’s a bit different from our earlier releases. This single is a harmonic blend of traditional Afro-Cuban folk music and modern electronica, the lyrics in yoruba and spanish. This song is a spiritual journey for us, it will be the part of Colourwave DLX album with some remixes, reimagined versions and live sessions in April.

How did the collaboration between Belau and Sexto Sentido originate?
 We asked Sexto Sentido to have a featured song, and send them an idea, we really like the work, it was super fast.