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Siri Imani ft. TJG Release IDK

Siri Imani, member of Triiibe, featuring up and coming Cincinnati artist, TJG, released their most recent collaboration “IDK.”

Staying on script with Triiibe's typical message of activism through art and self transcendence, Siri Imani pulls from past experiences to describe a world that is constantly demanding more of her energy. Accompanied by a hard hitting and emotional verse from TJG, Siri Imani delivers a message of self preservation and the reinforcement of personal boundaries, as she pours into the community around her. If Siri Imani offered the smoldering fire, TJG lit the match, adding in details from childhood when society stole parts of his spirit. This intense and lyrical song is produced by Triiibe’s, PXVCE (pronounced peace) and engineered by John Hoffman and Devin Burgess. The haunting anthem is only strengthened by the familial tie between Siri Imani and TJG (the two are first cousins) as they both describe coming from nothing and working for everything they have, together.

As if the song wasn’t enough to vividly portray the message of self responsibility Siri Imani intended, the pair released a music visual to YouTube. In the gripping and powerful display shot and edited by Kris Linkugel, Siri Imani and TJG are stripped of all their material possessions as a symbolic metaphor for the pillaging of their souls. The demonstration is both effective and visually impactful with the community as their backdrop in the video shot all in one frame. Siri Imani once again confirms why she is a strong voice in the Cincinnati music community while TJG shows indication of his bright future.