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Hare Hunter Field Release Imperfect

Hare Hunter Field is an Indie/Electronic project birthed from isolation and social distance. Centered in emotion and impulsiveness. Semi-improvised and imperfect.

The title of this project is taken from a powerful courtroom scene featuring Montgomery Clift and Maximillian Schell from the 1961 film Judgment at Nuremberg.

Grab the album HERE.

In the midst of a world where playing with one’s band mates was not a possibility Nick Barrows (JetLab, MacReady UK, Jack Burton Overdrive) began working in the basement, in the kitchen, and even on the couch. Alone and with no specific objective other than trying to work more on rhythms, the songs began to emerge and actually take some type of shape. A simple approach of plugging in and playing from Minilogue to concertina, the process would be mostly improvised, seething with anxiety that spans this intense, fiery pandemic year.

This 10 song album is called Imperfect and it truly has no purpose, only hoping to find a place in today’s madness. Maybe it can be a score to ease, to relate, to escape, or to empower those feeling the weight of this time.

 We chatted with Nick about the new project!

Tell us about the recording process for Imperfect
 It was a very basic start. I wasn’t able to play or even practice with the band (JBO) so I started to get depressed and wanted to take that and try to turn it into something. I did not have a plan or even an idea on what things would sound like or how the songs would take shape. I have never really tried to do something that was so rhythm focused. It was basically first/third take tracks with a few post-production edits because I really wanted to make this as improvised as possible. As far as equipment goes a good portion is synth and computer work, but I do have a few concertina tracks in there as well. I never really was concerned about it having a specific genre but did work with sequencing and arpeggiation, so I was fine with it being part analog and part digital which I think ends up having a modular/eurorack result.

What is next for Hare Hunter Field?
 I am not 100% sure just yet. I would like to get to a point where I could either do a live stream or even one day play out live. I do plan on making a few more videos for the songs but I do not have a timeline on that. I did make one for Quebec. I also hope to evolve this project into something that is unique and keeps challenging me to go beyond my comfort zone, try new things and experiment more.