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Preorder The Boom Bap Review Vol. 2: 2020

Cover Art: Phat Hentoff

Everybody’s Hip-hop Label presents a new book... The Boom Bap Review Vol. 2: 2020! This physical book lists over 100 noteworthy boom bap Hip-hop albums along with retrospective pieces, long-form reviews, and Hip-hop essays. Written largely by MC Till with contributions by Michael Stover and Beau Brown, this book is for anyone interested in the boom bap sound.

Remember when we flipped to the back of the Source to learn about albums and when they were coming out? Well if the Source provided that service today, they would need to devote the entire magazine to new releases. They are coming out weekly at an alarming rate. This book provides the reader a guide to help them sift through the hundreds upon hundreds of albums that came out just this year! It also serves as a way to celebrate that music and the incredible Hip-hop music from the past.

Add a piece of hip-hop history to your collection. Pre-order NOW for only $10!