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Donuts N' Akahol Season 7 Impromptu Performance

Photo Cred: WiseWords Management

Tune in tomorrow at 6p for a very special Live event on CincyMusic LIVE! Donuts N' Akahol have teamed up with WiseWords Management and Felsenhaus to announce their 7th season!

 According to Graval Baehr of Donuts N' Akahol, "With Season 7, we wanted to do something new with our performance segments. So, we teamed up with WiseWords Management and Felsenhaus to put together something really dope. We filmed a couple of live performances by grouping hip hop artists together to collaborate on a beat. What's cool about this is that we are seeing some of these artists hopping on the same song together for the very first time. For example, Chris Crooks and Dayo Gold have an amazing performance and this will be the first time the two Cincy hip hop heavyweights collaborate. The first performance we are releasing was actually unplanned. PXVCE (of TRIIIBE), who served as the DJ and producer, couldn't sit on the sidelines and let everyone else rap, so he encouraged everyone to come together for an impromptu cypher. This cypher features some returning guests and new faces. Performers include Khari, ADRL, EB n Flow, Chris Crooks, Oski Isaiah, Siri Imani, Swooty Mac, Dayo Gold, Deuces, and PXVCE."

The Season Premiere for Season 7 will be on Thursday, November 26th featuring special guest Dayo Gold, where they chat about his brand new project, "Eddie Kane Chronicles Vol. 1". They also play a fun game called "Truth or Drink", where tough and personal questions are asked. You can either tell the truth or take a shot of tequila. Plus, Dayo and Chris Crooks come together for the first time to share a special performance! 

 Season 7 will be a continuation of the great interviews, fun segments and live performances that Donuts N' Akahol are known for.

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