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Siri Imani Releases Debut Solo Album Duality

Art Cred: Katherine Zeapernick of MadMax Art

Siri Imani, of the hiphop and community service collective TRIIIBE (True Representation of Intellectual Individuals Invoking Blvck Excellence) has released her much-anticipated debut solo album, Duality.

Listen to Duality.

Duality, is the first official solo recording project from the community minded Siri Imani.

“The vibe of Duality is directed by the ‘light and dark’ concept,” said Imani. “Exploring and understanding your darkness, is just as important as understanding and embracing your light.”

Duality, Imani’s freshman solo project is a coming of age story told in song with sporadic narration by Imani’s mother, arts curator and former nationally ranked slam poet, Jennie Wright aka Black Budda’fly. The album explores how two opposing sides create and balance one being. Balance, self-inventory and self-acceptance are recurring themes explored by Imani in Duality.

“This album chronicles my personal experience of growing into adulthood. Who better to co- narrate than my Mom?,” quips Imani. “Together we tell my story from two perspectives. A person experiencing the ups and downs of life and a mother watching over and advising her daughter as she experiences them.”

 “The sound is sporadic and almost every track sounds different,” said Imani. “The goal is to capture moments in my personal journey and since those moments all looked/felt different, I felt the music needed to as well.”

Engineered by John Hoffman (The Lodge) and Devin Burgess Duality is an artful mash-up, that plays like a who’s who tutorial of Cincinnati’s hip-hop underground (featuring the likes of Audley, J Gutz, Jayal J, 10 year-old Rori Standback aka NewsFlash; producers Pxvce, Adam Faler, Surreezy Prodfish) and meets the city’s most soulful songstresses (Lauren Eylise, Aziza Love, Blas'ze and Jess Lamb) to the likes of violinist Sarah Gorak.