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Jay Madera Releases A House Divided

Jay Madera has released "A House Divided" to your favorite streaming platform TODAY! A political anthem hailing from America's favorite swing state, Madera's call-to-action is a powerhouse that empowers us to unite, not divide. With a non-partisan display of bluntness, Jay Madera’s indie rock feel is punctuated with a funky, soulful texture, drawing on everything from the immortal words of Abraham Lincoln to your local car dealership megaplex.

Go listen to "A House Divided!"

In just under three minutes, Madera energizes us without being naïve about our dire landscape:

We don’t need a strip mall, we don’t need another iPhone
We just need a place where we can hang our hat
We don’t need another nation of a lost generation
We just need a name to put on our front mat

A House Divided is a statement from the last stop on the campaign trail. It was recorded at Cincinnati’s own Gwynne Sound, a studio housed in the historic headquarters of Proctor & Gamble, and was produced by singer-songwriter producer Mia Carruthers. Grammy-nominated sound engineer Adam Pleiman was behind the board, while Lauren Eylise and Carruthers provide mighty backup vocals.

As we ready for one of the most crucial elections in American history, we ask "what do we need?" and "what do we stand for?" A House Divided gives us the daily dose of courage to ask ourselves, our allies, and our enemies.

Jay’s release is accompanied by a simple request: listen, and share if it moves you.

For every 10 streams this song receives from its release until election day, Madera will donate $1 to Rock the Vote, an organization founded by music executives to “engage and build the political power of young people.”

A musician and a muckraker at heart, Jay Madera writes songs in much the same way a journalist puts together investigative stories: by observing, connecting the dots, and believing in the need for the story to be heard. Armed with his piano, guitar, and thoughts on the contemporary social experience, Madera displays a versatility that echoes his diverse emotional range. Madera unfurls pastiches of personal experience in his songs, merging cultural observations, examinations of modern semiotics, and universal emotions to connect with audiences.