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SINGLE PREMIERE: Charlie John - All The Time

Charlie John is releasing the single "All The Time" tomorrow! This upbeat song will have you pressing the repeat button all day. Born into a family of musicians, singers and songwriters, Charlie's unquenchable passion for great music and melodies seemed only natural.

Go pre-save the single on Spotify HERE!

 We sat down with Charlie John prior to the release of "All The Time!" 

Tell us about the meaning behind “All the Time” for you… 
  “All The Time” was written about anxiety, depression and love. It’s a song about accepting the worst parts of you and finding someone who loves you for those very things. It’s also a killer song to dance to and couldn’t we all use a little of that these days?

How has the past 7ish months been for you musically?
  The past 7 months have been tough, I’m not gonna to lie. I was a full time musician before the pandemic hit and most of those gigs have gone away. I have gotten the opportunity, however, to work with a licensing company and focus on writing music for TV/Film and I’ve had more time to figure out what I want to say as an original artist.

  What is next for Charlie John?
  I plan to release one original song per month and I don’t play on stopping anytime soon! I’ll have help along the way from local producer Kevin Stokley, who’s an amazing songwriter and producer in his own right. Also in the works is a podcast I’ll be doing with my fiancé Hannah Groves called “Hannah Mae and Charlie J”. The podcast will be about life, relationships, mental health and much more. We’ll be releasing them weekly beginning Oct 5 on iTunes and wherever else you find podcasts with just the 2 of us most of the time with an occasional guest coming on.